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July 21, 7:33pm

Gezon Auditorium (Calvin)

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Jul 21

7:33 pm
Gezon Auditorium (Calvin) Public Show
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Tickets are $12 for adults, $5 for children/students at the door the night of the performance. Tickets $12.50 for LaughFest shows. No student prices or free passes accepted for LaughFest. Doors open 1 hour before the performance, seating 30 minutes later. Advanced ticket sales are available through the Calvin College Box Office.

About Us

River City Improv exists because we enjoy entertaining audiences using comedic improvisation. Our shows weave skits, games and songs with audience suggestions to create unique entertainment experiences for each show. Occasionally we will throw in a piece of non-improvised sketch comedy or a dance number, just to keep our audiences guessing.

Also, River City Improv continually strives to inhabit a peculiar spot in the comedic continuum: we want to be fun, funny, witty and sometimes sarcastic but never offensive. As Christians and representatives of Calvin College, we hold ourselves accountable to higher standards. (despite being imperfect)







Hire Us

River City Improv private performances are typically 35-45 minutes in length, have at last 3 seasoned RCI members performing, we don't provide our own amplification, should be in a setting where everyone can have a seat to provide a comfortable setting to yell suggestions from, we love the outdoors but don't typically perform outside without a proper stage and amplification.

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River City Improv
Post Office Box 6222
Grand Rapids, MI 49516

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